Dale Begg-Smith Breaks Skiing Records

Written on:December 12, 2013
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Dale Begg-Smith Breaks Skiing Records

Dale Begg-Smith Breaks Skiing Records

VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA – Warren Miller is touring the United States again with his 64th annual documentary and ski and snowboard fans all over the country come running. This year’s film is entitled “Ticket to Ride”, narrated by Olympic Gold Medalist, Jonny Moseley and was shot throughout the world at locations such as Kazakhstan, Iceland, Greenland, Colorado, Utah and Alaska. “We spent the winter in search of amazing terrain and deep snow, with some of the world’s top skiers in some of the world’s hardest to access ski locales,” says Max Bervy, Warren Miller Entertainment’s managing director. “We’re excited to introduce winter sports fans to the newest release from Warren Miller Films and look forward to debuting Ticket to Ride this fall,” Bervy says.

Amongst the many talented skiers, snowboarders and mogul skiers are some well-known stars: the three Olympic gold medalists Julia Mancuso, Ted Ligety and Seth Wescott. Undeniably also a star in the field of mogul skiing is Dale Begg-Smith. But you won’t find him in Miller’s documentary, which is still dominated by daring skiers and snowboarders who are in it just for the excitement and the fun of it. While Dale surely has fun racing down snow-covered mountains, he is nevertheless focused on professional achievements. And quite successful in doing so: Dale set the record for the most consecutive World Cup finals in events he has entered, by qualifying for 60 consecutive finals, which is yet another milestone in his hugely successful career!

In 2005 Dale was awarded “Snow Sports Athlete of the Year” by Ski and Snowboard Australia. Following a series of World Cup successes, Dale Begg-Smith attended the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy along with his brother Jason. He made history as he won the Olympic gold medal as the youngest man to ever win Olympic gold in his discipline. In 2006, Australia Post issued a postage stamp commemorating Begg-Smith’s achievement. Dale continued on his way to success by winning three World Cups over the following four years. With his success at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics – one silver medal and four World Cup season wins – Dale rose to become the greatest freestyle mogul skier of all times. Already one of only five Australians to win a gold medal in the Winter Games alongside Olympians Lydia Lassila, Steven Bradbury, Torah Bright, and Alisa Camplin, he is now Australia’s most successful winter athlete.

Dale Begg-Smith was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, where he began skiing at a very early age. Dale trained tirelessly alongside his older brother Jason, and they competed for Canada in various mogul skiing events. At age 16, Dale and Jason moved to Australia, resulting in an involuntary competition break while they had to wait for their Australian citizenship. Even though that break made the transition difficult, it ultimately turned out to be a rewarding decision. They greatly matured as athletes and got to train with some of the best mogul coaches and teams. Today Dale splits his time between multiple places including Australia, Europe and North America. He is a proud Australian and an avid philanthropist, who spends time volunteering with young Australian mogul skiers and has donated to many causes and charities over the years.

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