Dale Begg-Smith’s Achievements Commemorated on Postage Stamp

Written on:December 23, 2013
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Dale Begg-Smith’s Achievements Commemorated on Postage Stamp

Dale Begg-Smith’s Achievements Commemorated on Postage Stamp

VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA – Canada’s postal agency announced that it would stop delivering mail to private homes over the next five years and substantially increase postal rates. The USPS in the United States can raise the price of a stamp from 46 to 47 cents in January. And Federal regulators in Germany just approved the request by Deutsche Post to raise postal rates next year. With the development of more and more people switching from traditional letters to sending emails, postal agencies all over the world are struggling, which often results in an increase in postage. And while throughout the year this might not necessarily make the headlines, now, just a few weeks before Christmas, a time of year when thousands of holiday cards are sent around the globe, this topic all of the sudden becomes relevant to a lot of consumers.

But money is not everything. It is also about keeping up this maybe somewhat old-fashioned, but doubtless much more personal means of communication. Think of all the colorful, handwritten Christmas cards. And even a carefully picked stamp adds to making “snail mail” something special. According to philatelist N. A. Mirza, stamps are much more than just postage. “Postal authorities in every country issue definitive and commemorative stamps on renowned personalities to acknowledge their contributions to the community, country and humanity.” One theme that can be found on stamps all over the world is the Olympic games. Through them many successful athletes from around the globe were immortalized, among them a rather young mogul skier from Australia – Dale Begg-Smith.

After Dale Begg-Smith became Australia’s third winter gold medalist, joining fellow medalists Alisa Camplin and Steven Bradbury, the Australia Post issued a postage stamp commemorating his Olympic achievements. A sheet of 10 stamps was released, featuring Begg-Smith on the medal podium. Australia Post spokesman Noel Leahy said the release continued the tradition of honoring Olympic gold medalists. “It is a small and honored group of athletes that achieves Olympic gold and it is a privilege to be featured on a stamp,” he said. “We’re confident that Australians will share our pride in Dale’s victory and we expect strong demand for the stamps.” Following a series of World Cup successes, Begg-Smith attended the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy. He made history as he won the Olympic gold medal as the youngest man to ever win Olympic gold in his discipline. With his success at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Dale rose to become the greatest freestyle mogul skier of all times.

Dale Begg-Smith was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, where he began skiing at a very early age. Dale trained tirelessly alongside his older brother Jason, and they competed for Canada in various mogul skiing events. At age 16, Dale and Jason moved to Australia and both of them started competing for their new home country. Today Dale splits his time between multiple places including Australia, Europe and North America. He is a proud Australian and an avid philanthropist, who spends time volunteering with young Australian mogul skiers and has donated to many causes and charities over the years.

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